1️⃣ Schedule a Time to Test

The trial period normally lasts between one to two weeks, during which you can fully evaluate whether the software will meet your business needs. If you intend to test the software correctly, make sure you have enough time to do so. Consider when your decision has to be made as well as how the software evaluation process works 🗓️. Take advantage of any demo calls and tutorials the company might offer – bringing us to the next point.

2️⃣ Take Advantage of Demo Setup Sessions

If there is the opportunity to reach out directly to the team, do so! At Caplena, we encourage clients to schedule a demo call before committing to anything. In these sessions, you will be guided through the initial steps of how to navigate the site by a specialist 👩‍💼. Any questions you might have are also welcome. Another benefit of live demos is that companies often provide you with special offers. Book a Demo with us to see how we handle this 😉

3️⃣ Keep Track of Your Questions 📍

Don’t be afraid to write down any questions you may have, no matter where they may pop up. In addition to discussing how the trial went for you, Caplena always offers a closing call to answer final questions or anything that you might be unsure about. 

If you have questions and need an immediate answer, we are also available around the clock 🕐. You can use our live chat to either find your answers in one of our help articles or ask a member of the Caplena team.

4️⃣ Include Your Team 👥

Consider including primary stakeholders in the evaluation process and identifying ideal outcomes and processes together. The success of your trial should be shared and discussed with your key team members to indicate how features and solutions relate to your companies goals.

5️⃣ Define Success Criteria

When starting an evaluation, establish pre-determined success factors so your team can make an informed decision. You may want to consider these questions to get you started:

How much training will be needed at the outset?

What problem is the product supposed to solve?

What is our budget for the service? What is the ROI?

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